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Learn, Serve, Succeed!

The Dean of Students is a member of the Student Affairs division. The Dean of Students unit actively partners with the campus community to provide transformational, holistic programs and services that challenge and empower students to learn, serve, and succeed. We contribute to the mission of the University by offering programs, services, and support, and by making referrals, all with student learning and success at the core of our work.   

All residential students must get a COVID-19 test upon returning to campus.

Division of Student Affairs Awards

The Division of Student Affairs is accepting nominations for the following awards.

If you know of a staff member or team who you believe should be recognized for their service and contributions to the Division of Student Affairs, please submit your nominations via the links below.

Distinguished Service – Commitment to Excellence Award: This award recognizes Student Affairs’ staff members who have exhibited outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: Leadership in a national/international professional organization, Significant service to Southern Illinois University, Mentoring activities, Long-term service to the Division of Student Affairs. 

Mission Excellence Award: This award recognizes those staff who embody and exemplify the mission of the Division of Student Affairs and university. The recipient (s) of this award will reflect leadership in promoting and enhancing strategic priorities to enhance the campus community.

New Professional Award: This award is presented to an incoming professional, new to the Division of Student Affairs. It will recognize new professionals that have used their short time at SIU to strive to meet the needs of students and have a positive impact on their department. The recipient (s) will be one who interacts and engages students through programming, counseling, or leadership development. This individual provides outstanding service. “New” is considered to be employed at SIU Student Affairs less than three years.

Outstanding Support Professional Award: This award honors an individual who has contributed to the Student Affairs profession in a unique way. The individual supports their respective department in the delivery of programs or services to students. In addition, the individual takes into consideration the needs of not only the students, but also their fellow colleagues.

Excellence in Partnerships Award: This award is presented to individuals or organizations outside of the Division of Student Affairs who have demonstrated excellence in partnership and whose service to all our constituents is of an exceptional nature.

Innovation Award: This award is given to a Student Affairs’ staff member, department, or group that has generated one or more creative, novel, and sustainable initiatives within the last year to enhance our work, challenge assumptions, foster organizational health, and promote student learning and success.

Social Justice Award: The Social Justice Award recognizes a Student Affairs’ staff member, department, or group who has engaged in activities outside the framework of their regular responsibilities to help create and foster a Southern Illinois University community that is equitable and inclusive.

Report Hazing

A hazing incident may be reported to the Dean of Students office by anyone. If you have witnessed or have knowledge of a possible hazing incident, report the incident immediately to Dean of Students and/or the police. Hazing is illegal in IL, violates SIU Code of Conduct & violates all student organization's policies!

If you are not sure if it is hazing, then it probably is!

Report hazing by clicking here!

Report Sexual Assault